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Water Resource Protection Organizations

You are not alone in your concern about water.

images-4Citizen-activated groups across the country, and around the world,  are working to protect local water resources. While no single group has the blueprint for success, all have their stories about what has worked, and what has not worked.


Over 200 groups listed

The following pages list more than 200 of these organizations along with links to their websites, focusing on those that have persisted and developed watershed plans, public education and outreach, and water protection advocacy and action plans.  It is organized by country and by state rather than by type of group, since there is so much overlap in what these groups do.

This list is a start; many other organizations exist. If you know of a group that should be added, please submit its name and website information via the contact form.

Connections with water resource groups

Citizen concern about water is widespread; many people in a variety of places have come together to seek solutions to their local water problems, whether focused on one lake or river, or on a watershed or regional water resources.

By taking a look at a few websites  you can get ideas, see examples of what has worked for others, connect with people who have similar concerns,  share information, and receive encouragement through others’ actions and successes.

Organizations are grouped by country, listed below. Refer to the menu for this section to view US organizations and local organizations listed by state.




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